Resolute Investment Managers, Inc.

What We Do

Our Advantages & Benefits

  • Strategic Benefits: Our affiliate, American Beacon Advisors, Inc., sponsors a leading sub-advised mutual fund platform. Additionally, we can provide distribution and marketing services for virtually any product structure including separate accounts, collective investment trusts and model delivery. If needed and desired, our administrative and operational resources are available to affiliates.
  • High-Growth Business: We are driven by future value creation. Many multi-affiliate sponsors acquire a business for its current scale and profit contribution. We are focused primarily on what the business can be, not just what it currently is. We want to partner with management teams who believe their greatest successes are ahead of them – and Resolute Investment Managers can help unlock their potential. In other words, we are focused on revenue (rather than cost) synergies.
  • Management Ownership: We partner with management teams who have significant equity ownership and are aligned with us to grow their business. Management participation in the value creation of the firm is necessary for attracting and retaining talented investment professionals and maintaining long-term success.
  • Autonomy: With our roots as an unaffiliated sub-advised mutual fund sponsor, the majority of our partnerships are with asset managers who invest and operate with independence.
  • Flexible Structure: While many multi-affiliate sponsors have a standard model they apply to every affiliate, we believe every affiliate is unique. Our strategic and operational capabilities to be leveraged, the employee ownership level and the operating model (e.g., revenue share versus profit share) are tailored to the unique needs of each affiliate.
  • Size: Affiliates of virtually any size are meaningful to us. Moreover, because of our focus on the potential of the affiliate rather than its current scale, we will consider partnerships with affiliates of any size and any stage of maturity (e.g., start-up or seasoned firm).