Resolute Investment Managers, Inc.

Who We Are

Our Cultural Tenets

At Resolute Investment Managers, our associates collectively and individually demonstrate our company’s cultural tenets:

  • Humility: Our associates recognize the needs of others and offer assistance without waiting to be asked or encouraged to do so. They show appreciation and acknowledge the contributions of others. They also demonstrate the ability to admit mistakes and learn from them.
  • Trustworthiness: Our associates show pride in their work and demonstrate sound judgment and decision-making. They treat fellow employees with respect and courtesy and accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Proficiency: Our associates meet individual deadlines and understand how individual deadlines affect big-picture objectives. Their messages are timely, clear and delivered in an appropriate form with positive intentions. They make effective use of the valuable resource of time.
  • Inspiration: Our associates have fun at work, smile and set positive examples for others. They challenge themselves to be a little better every day and actively share their knowledge. They understand the competitive nature of our business and demonstrate a desire to be the best.
  • Communication: Our associates display a willingness to accept feedback, learn from experiences and apply this information to their work. They look for opportunities to improve processes and willingly share their ideas. They display a willingness to listen and a desire to understand what they hear.